Sunday, 25 January 2015

Open Youtube in Pakistan with your Smartphone

How to open youtube in your Smartphone in Pakistan

These days in Pakistan we can not open youtube and can't download. This website will make easy to open youtube and other website that you can't open in Pakistan
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In this post i will tell tell how to open youtube with vpn and when ever you want to download song from youtube of other website this post make easer in Pakistan.

I am also Muslim but I am giving idea to open youtube but you are not allowed to open any irrelevant videos. Good things are also available youtube like them and not only like but also increase them

100 % Working. I have tried by myself

Step:1 Open your phone Setting

Step:2 Click on More Setting

Step:3 Click on VPN

Step:4 Click on Add VPN Network

Step:5 Fill all the Options from given website ( just Click on Link )

Youtube VPN (Link)

Step:6 Click on Save and Connect it

Step:7 Fill all the Options from given website ( just Click on LinkVPN (Link)

Step:8 Click on Connect

Step:9 Your VPN is Successfully created

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